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Your Flow. Expanded.

What is the FreeFlow Program?

A body mind approach to high performance and evolution of the true self.

Lets begin your journey into your new high-performance self. Here you will learn how Freeflow training is based on a four phase strength and conditioning cycle: Find, Know, Strengthen, and Free your mind. In this journey of self-evolution you will cultivate a powerful base-state of being relaxed and alert, and have access to effective methods to expand your flow to launch into high-performance when it matters most.

The Four Phases

  • Find Your Mind

    Your journey begins by laying the groundwork for your new high-performing self.

  • Know Your Mind

    Expand your understand of the mind to better know the potential of your mind.

  • Strengthen Your Mind

    Unlock your potential for strengthening your mental power, agility, endurance, and flexibility.

  • Free Your Mind

    Get out of your own way. You have the capacity to reach a state of relaxed alertness to perform in any context.


John Coleman (PhD)

John Coleman (PhD)

John is a wellness and high-performance coach specializing in opening pathways to personal evolution. With a doctorate in performance psychology, a designation as a registered therapeutic counsellor, and connections with various spiritual traditions, he has cultivated a unique skill-set. With over 15 years of experience his progressive and relevant contributions to the field of human performance are internationally sought after.